8 comments on “The Wrong Lesson

    • It’s a New Year, 2014; hopefully, we can learn to do a “NEW THING.”

      Isaiah 43:19
      Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

      Thank’s for stopping by… Love Ya,


  1. This is a very accurate account of our history, I am so sadden by the way our people are going, no one seems to care not even those that once had the good of our race in mind, we see no right-fighters, we see no modern-day Martin Luther Kings. Could it be they got tired and just stop fighting, I don’t just blame society, or the machine in Chicago, The first teacher for our children is our families. If we look back and be honest we saw this coming when so many children were having children. Grandmothers were being made at younger ages, they didn’t get a chance to get wisdom and bible knowledge. Without God nothing will do well, the tearing down of the housing projects didn’t help at all. You can not take a persons piece of the world and think they will not fight for another one, But forever certain groups of people has always wanted to put another group of people in oppression we saw this with the supply of drugs that came into our neighborhoods. That wasn’t quite good enough to get rid of us, so “let them kill each other” is the mind set, and it’s just a shame so many of us bought into it, One thing for sure without HOPE, KNOWLEDGE, FAITH and EDUCATION we are doomed before we get started.


    • Dear Pat.,

      Keep your knees bent, pray… and then pray some more.
      Every child that exists in our lifetime is our child. They are all, every one, a child that God has placed before us. We will give account of the things we did, or didn’t do for them while we were here with them.

      May God help us all.


    • Dear sistertosister53,

      This passage of scripture places a nice wrapper on this message to our people. As you can probably determine, my appeal as well as my prayer is that we as a community of people, children, adults, and families return to the things which held us together as a community during our early existence in this nation. Those values were rooted in God and His saving grace. Without them, as evident in the way we regard each other… we are truly lost.

      Thanks for the reblog and congratulations, you have gained a new follower.



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