3 comments on “Entry for February 14, 2007 — Focus (The Right Sign)

  1. Praise God..thanks for sharing this (Worry destroys faith. When we allow ourselves to worry we leave the road of righteous concern. Satan takes us on a detour called out by a sign marked “What If.” The trouble is in the fact that this path branches into many more detours, all marked with the same sign of what if. What was worry now becomes confusion. It doesn’t matter which path we choose, each trail leads to the same place…. “LOST.”)


  2. Good exhortations. But Satan relies on a huge army of fallen angels and humans to do what he desires against Christians. He is not everywhere and all knowing like God is. Many preachers speak like he is. Also every sin is because of selfishness. True Christians will want to be increasingly unselfish. We each are responsible about how we use the things and time that God allows us to have.


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