12 comments on “Entry for October 11, 2006 — The Good News of the Gospel

  1. AMEN! PRAISE GOD!!! The love of a child revealed in your life towards our most loving and merciful Savior! God bless you for sharing your testimony. I AM BLESSED just by reading it. May HE bless you and keep you, for you are a true child of God!!!

    Bob <


  2. Amen! Even the way you gave your testimony reveals the childlike faith that got you saved in the first place. I pray that it will always be that way for you. 🙂


  3. I pray that all who read your testimony will receive the GOOD NEWS for you have laid it out perfectly clear what our Lord Jesus has done for us. Lord bless you brother!


  4. God is sooo worthy to be praised.He stands alone, and is always loving. You have blessed me as I read your testimony, and I am sure you have watered, if not planted seeds of those who read and did not post. Be blessed, because you are indeed brother Matt a blessing to me.


  5. it’s amazing how God has a plan made out for us before we are even born, chosen from the foundation of the world. I can look back at many times in my life since I accepted Him at 8 yrs. old and sseen Himdirect my paths, and saved my life to be a blessing to others. Good blog.


  6. I agree with Victorious, it is amazing how God has a plan for us. I think it is wonderful how you accepted Christ as your savior when you were 6, awesome. I was 28, I guess I had a lot of wild seeds to sow. I am so glad I was lead to a friend that could help with my walk with Jesus. It is a wonderful life, even with it’s trials.
    May the Lord continue to bless you, thanks for letting me know about your great blog, keep up the good works of spreading the word of the Lord and his disciples.


  7. Good blog. God’s truths and wisdom are not very difficult to understand. What is so hard about the Two Great Commandments or the Good Samaritan parable? We don’t have to be Bible scholars, know any Greek or Hebrew, or go to any Bible college or seminary.

    I never heard a sermon about what did Jesus and His disciples present as the Gospele. Before the crucifixion. There are server other gospels being presented by evangelists and tracts. I do believe that we should mention the importance of the Resurrection and not just that the Messiah has come. Also what is Christian Salvation from. Why is there the death penalty for disobeying the Ten Commandments. And what else did Jesus Christ emphasize during His ministry in human form? Repentance to the righteousness He was teaching. Repentance is a major theme throughout the Bible. But wee should rebuke those doing legalism or teaching psychology.


  8. Yes Matt, The Good News of Jesus Christ is not only a single event, but it is the only event that has demonstrated the weight and depth of His love for mankind as a matchless gift, that is available from no other resources except Jesus Christ Himself. PARAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. We must be as children: pure, accepting, trusting, teachable and come with no preconceived ideas. Then can we be shaped and formed into what God want us to be. This is also how we can truly allow Christ to come into our hearts. God bless you.


  10. The moment you believe that there is one thing that God has not given you through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, you have committed to LACK. (Colossians 2:10) Satan doesn’t need you to deny Jesus in order to destroy you. All he needs you to do is believe that what Jesus has given to you is not enough! YOU ARE COMPLETE IN HIM!

    Whatever circumstances come your way YOU CAN SHOUT, “I AM COMPLETE IN HIM!” When you have that wholeness and completeness, that is your feeling of righteousness that is based on the finished work of Jesus! You are immoveable! That’s the way God wants us to live. When Jesus was on this earth, He never had a sense of LACK. He looked to heaven. He looked past all the earths circumstances!

    When we buy into the LIE of LACK, we become open to every kind of temptation and emotional manipulation, so the promises of JOY and PEACE cannot become a reality in us. We become trapped in the CYCLE of LACK!

    LACK makes YOU the center of every equation! FAITH makes JESUS the center of every equation!

    The person who is a NEW CREATION in Jesus never pursues the destructive process of “becoming” – – – instead these believers ENFORCE the fact that they ARE and they CAN in Jesus !! YOU ARE COMPLETE IN HIM !!


  11. Your posts are so filled with the Holy spirit. Thank You Lord, In the name of Jesus, for people who are willing to step out and put their faith on the internet, in the street, and in the ears and hands of those who cross their paths. I have been in a “Life Group” that meets once a week through the church I attend locally. We were going through a book called “The life You Always Wanted”, by John Ortberg, published through Zondervan. It is a great book, with only some of it covering how we need to take time alone with God, SLOWING DOWN TIME. Also, I realized through this group study, that sometimes interruptions are sent to us by God. We need to talk to those people who come into our lives and schedules unexpected aobut the joy we have in the Lord. We need to Make it clear though that Christianity is the way of life and the reltionship with God through Jesus Christ….it is not easy, or it woudl not be compared to a narrow path in the scriptures.


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