14 comments on “Entry for August 25, 2006 — A DREAM REVISITED

  1. Very powerful! People often forget or fail to mention in their homages to Dr. King that his work was guided by his strong christian faith, even though he was a Baptist minister. Non-violence is a christian concept, and you did a wonderful job bringing that message in your essay.


  2. Thank you for including the entire speech. I have to admit, I’ve only heard bits and pieces of it. Very powerful blog and true observation. Amen.


  3. Kings speech is definitely universal language for freedom & rights of the oppressed… & like has been said is birthed from his christian faith. Thanks for this entry & just for the record: in Australia the indigenous people live 3rd world standards = appalling poverty, incarceration rates, suicide & addiction etc etc… Yes let freedom ring but let us SPEAK OUT & agitate for social justice as well… I personally do not see Kings dream being actualised until Jesus returns… This world is sick & twisted & the christian institutions are permeated with the language of division, prejudices & greed.


  4. When you hear Martin Luther King Jr. your mind immediately focuses on freedom and desegregation. In a world that makes a point to seperate race, religion, and politics the name Martin Luther King reminds us that the true american dream is for us to all “get together” and be united! After all united we stand but divided we’ll fall! This is a great post, and I am glad you posted the entire speech…perhaps it will help us to become “free at last, free at last thank God almighty we are free at last!”


  5. Amazing!!! People never really take the time out to understand the the moral behind a story, speech or anything for that matter. The word states that “in all thy getting, get understanding.” Revelation is so awesome and that is what has been demonstrated here. God bless you and continue to allow the Lord t use you, man of God


  6. Wow!!! Praise God!!!! The Holy Spirit saturated this posting today, Matt.
    I agree with Carbon that Dr. King’s speech will never be actualized in this present age. You clearly exposed the “Mastermind,” at work behind the scenes. He USES unrepentant people (even in the “church”) to seek, kill and destroy. Sometimes Satan’s work is done through mass devastation i.e. slavery, war, genocide, but he usually works much more subtly through whisperings, ideas, theories and religious practices (ways of man).
    I also like the fact that you accurately describe ethnic differences as such, and did not perpetuate the LIE of diverse races within humanity that has been thrust upon society through the LIE of macro-evolution. As God explicitly says in His Word, there is ONE RACE of MAN and WE were all created in the image and likeness of OUR CREATOR. The human race sprang forth from one common ancestry (even “science” albeit hesitantly currently acknowledges that much).
    My grandson Jeremiah who is due to be born any day now has African, Italian, Polish, Native American, German and Russian blood flowing through his precious little veins and his grandma will give him the proper response for anyone that mistakenly refers to him as bi or multi-racial and that is that he is a Christian American.

    Be encouraged, Matt. Almighty God is using you to glorify Himself and there is no greater success than that!

    I love you brother!


  7. Matt thank you for sharing this essay…you have shown the depth of the words spoken by Martin backed up by the power of the word of God….What was so poignant about this speech was, it was very specific, it was clear and could be understood by all irrespective of creed, culture, gender etc. It was a dream, that had parts that we have all at some time dreamed about..because it was a dream that could be realised…if we only would just believe…Believe in God’s words which specifically shows us how we ought to live together, who our true enemy is and how to counteract them…when we move further and further from God’s words…….this dream is but a distant blur….thank God for pouring out his spirit in the last days!!! Bless hun.


  8. It’s too bad that more people can’t see this. It would really help them. Keep spreadinig the word of God to people because it’s something that’ll never be dated. God bless and thanks for the Blog.


  9. If we lived by the Word and by the words of Dr. King, this world would be a wonderful place. Re-reading this post, it is as if God had allowed Dr. King to look into what the world will be like after the 2nd coming of Christ. There have been many doors that have opened since this speech and we have made great strides. But as you say, hatred, bigotry and prejudice has not left society, just become evident in more suttle ways. As long as people don’t or won’t recognize the enemy’s work, they will continue to be pawns in his scheme to bring mankind to destruction. And he will do this by any and all means necessary.


  10. I agree with you that very little really has changed in relation to injustice and untruthfulness, but it is not just a one race issue. They are major problems for humankind. I don’t know of any preachers who are teaching about the two themes of God’s justice and about truthfulness verses untruthfulness. Why is there the Sermon of the Mount and why do the two lists in Philippians 4:8 and the Ephesians 6 spiritual armor of God start of with truth instead of the other key words which follow? Also, how do you interpret the epistle of Jesus Christ to the Laodocea church (Revelation 3)? Dr. King would be very angry about what is happening in the USA politics and the Christian churches today.


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