6 comments on “Entry for March 22, 2006 — FAITH

  1. I think a lot about Faith. I’m glad you posted this blog, it’s encouraging. Faith is something often overlooked..yet our salvation depends on it. Lord bless


  2. Thanks for this post, I have the mustard seed faith and am continually in awe how acting on His word enables me to use this language of faith, I once had thought was only for certain people. Because He lives in me…..I speak and it is…knowing I already have the things I hope, irrespective of whether I see it or not! Bless.


  3. F A I T H is…

    Fruit that guarantees your promises as fact (Gal 5:22)
    The firmness of your Word, proven and exact.

    Assurance and evidence of things unseen (Heb 11:1)
    That mountain will move and think it routine (Matt 17:20, I Cor 13:2)

    Imparts understanding of God’s infallible Word (Heb 11:3 )
    Insures my confidence, my spirit is stirred

    Thankful for the covenant of salvation’s plan
    That you have extended to every man (Eph 1:13)

    Healing, salvation, all things through it I can do(Mk 5:34, Mk10:52, Lk
    8:48,Lk 7:50) My shield and my victory, thank you Jesus for
    F A I T H in you. (Eph 6:16, I John 5:4)

    Thank God that He is faithful in my faithlessness…


  4. We have God’s faith because we’re created in His image. Sometimes you might hear people say, there’s something on the inside, working on the outside. Thus, God’s response to Satan was natural for Him because only God knows what He has placed within mankind. Peace, Vanessa ~+~


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