2 comments on “Entry for March 11, 2006 — “Only Human”

  1. wow. thanks matt for that message .. i totally agree with you .. as a single mom i have come under attack from well of course the opposite sex who dont understand my commitment to abstain from premartial sex .. they voice hey we are only human .. which is exactly the point …. and i thank you so much for those words of encouragement … Jer.29:11 is one of my favorite verses ..


  2. Yes..it’s one of my Favorite verses as well..because I sometimes fall into that mindsetting of “oh no..I’m going to be in trouble with the Lord”…like He’s out to get me or something.

    I think that is something that a lot of young Christians go through. I’ve been saved for only 3 years now. And I’ve come a long way..but never want to feel as though I’ve “learned enough”..because none of us ever will lol..

    And anyway..I like your blog and wanted to say Lord bless 🙂


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