One comment on “Entry for February 14, 2006 — Historical Examples

  1. Matt, the Lord shared with me three things that need to be dealt with more completely before He returns. Leaglaim/works versas Grace, eschatology and racism. All three have kept the Bride of Christ divided for too many centuries. Sunday is the most segragated day of the week. Shame!!
    Daddy does not want His kids separated and bickering…especially on His family gathering day. I’ve often wondered what is Daddy going to do to make His kids enjoy His presence together? The Kingdom cannot remain divided and stand as the Kingdom God gave us dominion over. It will not achieve what a Kingdom should achieve, if it is divided.

    I praise God for all the Black ministers and ministries that are being anointed and blessed in this very hour. Their growth and impact are absolutely phenomenal, which tells me Father God’s hand and anointing has shifted from the calloused white congregations, which, for a time had it in their hand, to do something towards unification racially. Don’t get wrong, there are churches that started out white and have made great strides in openness to all races. John Haggi and John (Joel) Osteen just to mention two examples among many. But, the magnitude of growth in large, effective and powerful voices among the Black community is ordained for such a season as this. Praise Him, mightly. I know Dr. King had a heavenly day when Mrs. King went home, but I believe he has been dancing with joy for a couple of decades now, for seeing what has been occuring with Balck ministers and ministries. It is going to cause a resurrection of “life” within the Bride of Christ. Some mouth to mouth resucitaton is happening in the Spirit. I love it.

    In Him, for You, Larry F


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